Sunrise Services

Sunrise Today: A Profile of Services

The term “special needs” covers a wide range of challenges…each with its own diagnostic origin; each with its own degree of involvement. While causes and care requirements differ, the single common goal is to treat each person with dignity, respect and compassion.  And in serving these special needs, Sunrise is committed to nothing less than Excellence.

Our mix of services offered may differ depending on location.  Below is a list and brief description of our growing range of services. Please use the “Locations” tab for a profile of the specific services offered in your area.

  • Residential Group Homes:

    Perhaps the most fundamental human need is to live in a safe, healthy, secure, accepting and affirming environment. Our 214 Residential Group Homes serving over 1,000 individuals are exactly the kind of genuinely nurturing, caring homes we would want for ourselves or for our loved ones.  They are the heart of Sunrise, and as such, our emphasis is on building a warm family atmosphere based on mutual respect and growing opportunities for friendship.  We encourage and guide active participation in caring for the home, with emphasis on pride in personal spaces.   A caring staff, with immediate access to supervisory and management support, is on hand constantly to help with nutritional meals and assistance with daily living. Each individual is encouraged to obtain his or her own levels of independence through skill-building opportunities.  Each home has its own transportation vehicle to allow individuals easy access to the community and its resources.  We also work hard at being good neighbors, creating positive opportunities for acceptance and involvement in the community.


  • Greater Care for Greater Needs:

    A number of our individuals have greater needs caused by significant combinations of intellectual and physical challenges.  We serve these needs in both the small group home environment and in a campus setting.  Both have proven very effective in providing our individuals with appropriate levels of care.  This cadre of services allows the flexibility to increase or decrease the amount of support a person may need throughout their life cycle.


  • In-Home Support:

    In-home support services are available to adults living in their own homes, who may require up to 24-hour assistance for companionship, personal care or daily living activities such as grocery shopping and cooking.


  • Sponsored Residential Homes:

    This individualized, special needs services model is designed for adults 18 years and older with intellectual and physical disabilities. We carefully screen state-licensed, qualified families to care for individuals in their homes.  This service offers 24-hour support and supervision in a safe and healthy family environment. In addition, skill-building is provided to help individuals with a range of needs including medical, dietary, behavioral, personal care and daily living. Close quality assurance oversight is provided by our staff to ensure consistent delivery of superior services.


  • Residential Habilitation Services:

    In addition to the basics of housing, nutrition, safety and hygiene, Sunrise residential group homes offer a wide range of services to improve the quality of life and self reliance of our individuals. Residential habilitation training can include: daily living skills, communication skills, personal hygiene, meal preparation and social skills. Each person  has an Individual Personal Plan (IPP) to help support them in achieving the skills they need to reach their goals and dreams.


  • Respite Care:

    No matter how capable and conscientious they are, families caring for the special needs of a loved one periodically need to take a break.  Whether to travel, to care for another family member or just recharge their batteries, families need to get away.  Knowing that their loved one is safely in the care of competent, caring professionals gives family members peace of mind.  That’s why we created Sunrise Respite Care – a flexible, temporary, short-term residential program for people with special needs and their families. Since all families do not have the same requirements, we gear our services to the needs of the individual guest-resident and their family. Research has proven that respite services pays off by helping families to care for their loved ones at home for longer periods of time, delaying the need for permanent placement.

  • Supported Employment:

    The ability to engage in meaningful work is a major component of everyone’s self-esteem.  The ability to hold a job and earn a paycheck are significant measures of becoming a fully integrated member of the community.   For people with varying abilities, these are major milestones in achieving independence and human dignity.  But they need help to get started and often need ongoing help to continue to be successful.  Recent studies indicate that training and support services significantly increase the ability of people with disabilities to achieve and retain productive employment.  Sunrise Supported Employment Services provides training and assistance in a variety of activities to support individuals in obtaining and retaining wage-earning jobs.  Each person has a Supported Employment coach to assist them in securing and maintaining employment they will enjoy and succeed in.  Assistance is given to the individual as well as the employer to ensure an optimal match.  Work can be accomplished individually or in a group such as an enclave or mobile work crew.  Our services are tailored to the unique needs of each individual to help them be successful, productive and proud of their accomplishments.       


  • Adult Day Training for Individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities:

    Our adult training programs support individuals in mastering daily, meaningful, valued tasks in their personal lives and in the community. Sunrise day training activities engage the individual in building skills for daily living.  These include social skills, health and fitness instruction, self-advocacy, computer skills and money management.  In addition, program participants may learn how to do contract work, be part of a mobile work crew or work in an enclave performing various tasks while improving their employment skills. Day training helps individuals remain active and engaged while still living in their family homes and often prevents admission to long-term care.


  • Behavioral Services:

    Many of our locations support individuals with behavioral issues.  We begin by conducting a thorough analysis of each individual’s support requirements.  Behavioral Analysis Services will then assist the individual through a process of learning new, appropriate behaviors and replacing existing behaviors that have negative impact on them and those around them.  Working closely with the individual, we help identify, reduce and eliminate behaviors that create obstacles to full, successful integration into the community.  Individuals, caregivers and their families help direct the behavioral plans to ensure success.  Recommended supports can cover a wide range of settings including: home, school, workplace or community.  Our services include assistance with appropriate social interactions, monitoring of behavioral programming; staff training in reactive strategies and family training in behavioral principles.


  • Nursing:

    Registered Nurses and/or Licensed Practical Nurses are available to provide those services which require a nursing license within each respective state, overseeing the health needs of our clients.

  • Personal Assistance:

    Personal Assistance services are provided in an individual’s own home or apartment, usually for just a few hours a day.  We provide staff of the individual’s choosing to assist with activities such as bathing, dressing, eating, shopping and other everyday activities.   People who live alone or with family members may access this service. 

  • Community Experience:

    Sunrise offers day services outside of an individual’s residence, enabling the individual to become a true part of the community.   Finding work, joining clubs and other meaningful activities encourage and support an individual’s goals and specific needs.


  • Transportation Services:

    Appropriate transportation for individuals who need or request it helps to accomplish everyday activities.  We maintain a fleet of vans and mini-vans, some of which are specially adapted for wheelchair accessibility. 


  • Adult Day Health Care for Senior Citizens:

    Sunrise provides a licensed therapeutic program of various activities and services that promote and maintain the health and socialization of senior citizens.  Leisure activities including arts and crafts, music exercise, social interaction and self-care are all blended in a mix to maximize individual well-being. Services include: Health and nutritional support; assistance with daily living activities and self-care skills, respite care and transportation   (Miami locations).  Adult Day Health Care helps elders stay in their own home and participate in the community while delaying or preventing admission to long-term care.